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Llama's to Kombi Vans!

Posted on September 27, 2012 at 7:40 PM Comments comments ()
Good morning all, how great is this Sunny day, I hope it lasts for the long weekend!!
Well here we are, a very overdue blog.
As you can imagine it has been a bit 'hectic' at The Smith household of late (to say the least)
Hugo is 6 weeks old now and starting to show his very sleep deprived parents his beautiful smile!
The last few weeks have seen some great orders come in resulting in some of my favourite cakes going out. Quite a few of them have been repeat customers which always pleases me.
One of the things I have neglected on my website is the Testimonies,
 I get fantastic feedback and will be collating them and updating the website after the weekend.
 I have done such a variety of cakes over the last few weeks from an engagement cake a Llama cake to Hoot the Owl to a Kombi Van, and a wedding cake for a great couple Chris & Kylie as well as many more,
I say it every month but I really do think these are some of my favourites.
 The most memorable is undoubtedly "The Toilet Cake" for the Manly to Manado Walk.
It was a great day and helped raise more awareness for this fantastic event and charity, well done to all the organisers and thank you to Jes Stovold for instigating this cake.The Manly Daily picked up on the story and gave us a great article
This weekend is Cupcake Saturday
Saturday 29th September
First Cupcake per person is $1 "bring the whole family" :-) then they are $3.50 thereafter.
As always it is a great chance to come along to the shop and sample delicious Cupcakes.
There is no obligation what so ever to buy more , it would just be great to see you there
(Although there will be plenty of delicious flavours available for to take home)
 in boxes of
 4's-5's,6's,8's & 12's
A few people have already pre-ordered to take along to the Jazz festival!
Peek-a-boo is really starting to take off now-Thank God!
A lot of it is down to you guy's spreading the word, if there is anyone you have left out so far or you think would like to read my blog please forward it on to them, it is a great way to have a look at my latest cakes, especially if you are not on Facebook.
If you are on Facebook please head to our page "like" us and keep up to date with what is going on-
Well I must go, I have figures and roses to make and a
few hundred Cupcakes!!!!
 It would be great to see you at Cupcake Saturday tomorrow,
 if not have a great weekend and I hope to see you soon.
Here are my favourites from the past few weeks
I am working on a wedding cake today for a lovely couple Abe & Akari who contacted me earlier on in the year when I was first looking for a shop for Peek-a-boo they have been great to work with, they are also having a
Candy Buffet which will be the first time I have done one.
I am really looking forward to it, it will look and taste great - pictures will follow obviously!
 Kombi Van-Anna's 2nd Birthday Cake!
Lea's Coco Chanel Bag
Congratulations Tim & Jen
Andrew's Fisherman Cake
Eric's Tough Mudder Cake
Congratulations Kyle & Chris
Back The Future
Ben 10
A very special 90th Birthday
Hoot the Owl
Anna's Llama Cake
Graham's Music Cake
Opening ceremony for Wesley Life Skills
Pretty Mini Cupcakes
Lego Cupcakes (Hand made edible lego)
Coen's Chocolate parcel!
A very special 70th