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The waiting game!!!

Posted on August 6, 2012 at 2:02 AM
I didn't think I would get chance to do a new blog as today is my wife's due date!!!!
All of the little signs had fooled me into thinking he/she would come on it's due date, it still has a few hours to prove me wrong but I am starting to remember my impatience of Max's birth 10 days late!!!
Anyway it shouldn't be long so I will get on with my update!!!
Again, this month I have had great orders for some lovely people with fantastic feedback.
The month started with Kate's baby shower, you will be pleased to know I did not choose from the horrid cakes I put on Peek-a-boo's Facebook page as a joke.
I opted for a classy little number below, in Kate's favourite-Carrot cake. Now I know she is biased but she does say I make the best Carrot cake ever and I tend to agree :-)
Then it was the great "Soulfood" night at St Matt's with 2011 Masterchef winner Kate Bracks
We did 460 cupcakes, 300 portions of Kate's plum & red wine mousse, 300 portions of her Grand Marnier chocolate dipping sauce then 300 shards of fresh honeycomb to dip into the chocolate!
All three recipe's can be found in her book 'The Sweet Life'
The guy's with the goodies!
Back to the orders!!!
The South's Retro Jersey
Then the lovely Tamara calls with a list of hobbies that she wanted turning in to a cake for Imogen!
(I was quite proud of my 'wool' writing)
Cupcake Saturday
Then another of my favourites, I love colourful cakes
in White Chocolate mud
75th Birthday - what a celebration!
Austin's Spiderman cake
Brazilian colours for Karolinee!
More assorted cupcakes,"Happy Birthday Julie"
 I have had a lot of orders for cupcakes lately
There are quite a lot of orders coming in, especially for the end of this month, which is great, word of Peek-a-boo is getting around, very exciting (keep it up)
This months Cupcake Saturday may have to be cancelled due to too many orders for that weekend, along with a new baby, surely it will be here by then!!!
 I will keep you posted.
 I will have pictures of my new addition to Peek-a-boo soon,"Candy Buffets". They are great, sort of a posh pick and mix for adults as well as kids, they used to be mainly used for weddings but they look and go down great at baby showers, birthdays, christenings and any other excuse you can think of!
Details coming soon
Also people keep asking me for tips and hints when baking cakes, this months tip which took me a while to appreciate (due to my impatience) is:
If a recipe says use softened butter, do not ignore it and throw it in the mixing bowl and hope for the best because you forgot to lift it out of the fridge!!!
For a long time I did this or microwaved it to 'OIL'.
If you plan ahead or leave it somewhere warm you will reap the benefits, your mixture will go into the oven with a light silky finish to it which will show in the finished masterpiece!!!
Try it and enjoy!
If it fails, order one from me :-)
Well I had better go and make Kate another "raspberry leaf tea" and feed her more chilli and pineapple to get this baby moving!
Take care, enjoy your week and make the most of this great sunshine, winter is exciting yea!!!!

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