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3 Becomes 4!!

Posted on August 29, 2012 at 4:40 AM
3 Becomes 4!!
Well after all of the waiting baby Smith finally decided to join us,
 Hugo Jack Smith arrived on 13 August; he is beautiful and has settled in great, even though I had totally wiped the memory of those initial sleepless nights!!!
 Kate did great and is coping great with the boys.
I had jokingly given Kate a window of two days in between cake orders to have the baby and she obliged by having him on the Monday allowing me the chance to get back in to the shop for the weekends orders!!!
This doesn’t mean I abandoned her straight away merely that I could work around sleeps, feeds etc :-)
Here are a few from the last couple of weeks
Rhea's Dora & Boots Secret Garden - Chocolate
Ruby's Mermaid - Vanilla & Strawberry
Giant Chocolate Cupcake
The lovely Rosemary & Ken get married!
GRACE-Gluten Free Lemon Madeira
COMMITMENT-Chocolate & Caramel
LOVE-Gluten Free Fruit Cake
All hand made Roses
Tala's Pink Elephant - Lemon
Carrot Cupcakes
Mixed Cupcakes
Always check inside!!!
Mini treats!
Next week Peek-a-boo is supporting
The Manly-Manado Walk 12
"Give Poverty the Flush"
Venue: Manly Scenic Walkway from Spit Bridge to Manly.
The Start is located at Ellery's Punt Reserve, the park north-east of Spit Bridge and just south of Avona Crescent, Seaforth.
The Finish is located on the grass bank in front of The Manly Art Gallery, West Esplanade, Manly.

Details: The eighth Manly-Manado 10km sponsored Walk (from Spit Bridge to Manly) is taking place on Saturday, 8th September 2012. This year's Walk is raising funds for 50 mothers and babies at Compassion's Child Survival Programme in Manado, Indonesia. It will also help raise awareness of why water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) matter in a developing community. Every day 21,000 children die, most from entirely preventable causes. Around 3,000 children die every day from diseases related to water and sanitation.
Mike Howorth (event manager)
Tel / email: 0418 969 467
[email protected]
I am not actually doing the walk although I would be if I was not already busy (honest) anyway I will be there at the finish line from 10am
with a ‘Big Surprise” to help raise awareness of this great cause!
If you are not involved in the walk there is still time to enter at
There is also a link on there to make donations.
Or if you are not able to join in the walk come down to support the walkers and the charity including joining the biggest ever toilet queue in Manly!!!!!
If you are doing the race leave a comment on the blog so I can keep a look out for you or come and find me on the day, I think I will be on the grass in front of the Art gallery by Ocean World.
Month by month Peek-a-boo's profile is growing
 as well as getting busier and busier
 God knows it needs to now Kate has finished work :-) 
As always, spreading the word really helps this - everytime somebody “likes” Peek-a-boo’s actual Facebook page it opens us up to a whole new community of possible CAKE LOVERS!!!!
 It also helps by ‘liking’ the weekly cake pictures.
You know how grateful I am for this, it has become a vital way of raising  Peek-a-boo's profile, and I will be running a couple of competitions through September for our Facebook members
as a thank you with some delicious prizes!!!!
 I am also doing a lot of sponsoring at the moment; Schools, Clubs, Churches and different events. This genuinely is to help our local community although it shamelessly gets a bit of advertising out there too :-)
I will keep you updated on the blog, I am quite booked up with
 ‘Sponsor/gifts cakes’ until December now, but if you have any money raising events coming up next year let me know.
There are a few exciting orders coming up, keep an eye out or “have an eye out” as Max says
As always, thanks for reading, please pass this on to anybody who may be interested and ‘Share’ it on Facebook, I am aiming for 200 likes now!
Happy Fathers Day on Sunday to all you fellow Dads!!!
 (Cough, cough Kate, its Fathers Day SUNDAY),
 Two children now, does that mean double the presents? :-)
Take care; enjoy your week

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